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Flame Spread Model Progress: Enhancements and User Interface.

pdf icon Flame Spread Model Progress: Enhancements and User Interface. (3269 K)
Spearpoint, M. J.; Dillon, S. E.

NIST GCR 99-782; 52 p. November 1999.


National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD

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National Technical Information Service (NTIS), Technology Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce, Springfield, VA 22161.
Telephone: 1-800-553-6847 or 703-605-6000;
Fax: 703-605-6900.
Order number: PB2000-101376


flame spread; computer models; corner tests; fire growth; flame height; flame length; heat flux; flashover


This report describes the enhancements made to Quintiere's flame spread model based on worked published in the literature by other researchers. The height of the ignition source flame, its extension under a horizontal ceiling and the incident heat flux to a target material have been addressed. The results from the enhanced version of the model have been compared with those obtained from an earlier version of the model and with experimental data. The new version generally shows an improvement over the previous versions although there are isolated instances in which this is not the case. This report also briefly describes a user-friendly windows based front-end that has been developed for the enhanced version of the model. The interface can be used to read in existing model input files, create new input files, execute the main QFSM program and create simple on screen plots of the results. The front-end also includes an online help file that describes the various input parameters. A single self-extracting file containing the QFSM model, the interface, the help documentation and associated support files has been created to simplify distribution and installation of the software.