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Gann, R. G.

NIST SP 890; Volume 2; November 1995.

Fire Suppression System Performance of Alternative Agents in Aircraft Engine and Dry Bay Laboratory Simulations. Volume 2. Chapter 13, Gann, R. G., Editor(s), 624-629 pp, 1995.

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National Technical Information Service
Order number: PB96-117783


fire suppression; aircraft engines; nacelle fires; simulation; halon 1301; halon alternatives


This report presents the results of two years of research in support of the objective to identify and make ready for use the optimal near-term fluid to replace halon 1301 for in-flight fire suppression in aircraft engine nacelles and dry bays. At the time the work presented in this report was begun, the Technology Transition Team of the sponsors, the Air Force, Army, Navy, and FAA, had selected the following candidates for consideration: [see p. 624]. The NIST research results in Part 1 of this report were directed at helping to reduce each of these lists to a single chemical. The results in Part 2 are to assist in the development of engineering design criteria and suppressant system certification.