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Small-Scale Vertical Flammability Testing for Fabrics.

pdf icon Small-Scale Vertical Flammability Testing for Fabrics. (10380 K)
Villa, K. M.; Krasny, J. F.

Fire Safety Journal, Vol. 16, No. 3, 229-241, 1990.


fabrics; flammability testing; small scale fire tests; self-extinguishment; ignition source; char length; thermoplastics; textiles; heat release; thermoplastic fabrics


Many small-scale vertical flammability tests have been designed to assess 'self-extinguishment' of fabrics after exposure to a small flame, where self-extinguishment refers to the cessation of flaming or glowing of the specimen upon removal of the ignition source. The specimens are held vertically in a U-shaped metal frame and ignited at the bottom. The criteria chosen for these tests are char length, afterflame, afterglow, and melt drip. These tests were first promulgated in the 1930s for use on flame-retardant cellulosics and wools. The applicability of the test to char-forming as well as thermoplastic fabrics will be discussed.