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Documentation for CFC V: The Fifth Harvard Computer Fire Code.

pdf icon Documentation for CFC V: The Fifth Harvard Computer Fire Code. (12302 K)
Mitler, H. E.; Emmons, H. W.

NBS GCR 81-344; Home Fire Proj. Tech. Rpt. 45; 187 p. October 1981.


National Bureau of Standards, Gaithersburg, MD

Available from:

National Technical Information Service

TH9115.H33 NOS. 45-48
Order number: PB82-139486


compartment fires; computer programs; fire extinguishment; flashover; ignition; mathematical models; room fires


This is a complete documentation of the fifth version of the Computer Fire Code (Mark 5). Mark 5 is of course a substantial improvement over Mark 4, which in turn had expanded and generalized Mark 3, etc. Although imposingly thick, this document has been written in a form which may be easily read, as each section begins with a brief outline of that section. The details are then given in the following paragraphs, for the interested reader. The Computer Fire Code permits the calculation of the evolution of a fire in an enclosure with a number of vents, and containing a number of objects (flammable or otherwise). The fire may be of several kinds, and the calculation will proceed for whatever time the user selects. Suggestions for the improvement of the program itself or of this document will be gratefully received. The tape containing the program itself is available at cost.