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Raufaste, N. J., Jr.

NIST SP 931; August 1998.

U.S./Japan Natural Resources Development Program (UJNR). Wind and Seismic Effects. Joint Meeting of the U.S./Japan Cooperative Program in Natural Resources Panel on Wind and Seismic Effects, 30th. May 12-15, 1998, Gaithersburg, MD, Raufaste, N. J., Jr., Editor(s), 588 pp, 1998.

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National Technical Information Service (NTIS), Technology Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce, Springfield, VA 22161.
Telephone: 1-800-553-6847 or 703-605-6000;
Fax: 703-605-6900.
Order number: PB98-150238


bridges (structures); building technology; concretes; design criteria; disaster reduction; earthquakes; geotechnical engineering; ground failures; lifelines; liquefaction; risk assessment; seismic; shaking table; standards; storm surge; structural engineering; tsunamis; wind loads


***EACH PAPER IS TREATED LIKE A SEPARATE DOCUMENT AND MAY BE VIEWED AND/OR DOWNLOADED THAT WAY*** This publication is the proceedings of the 30th Joint Meeting of the U.S.-Japan Panel on Wind and Seismic Effects. The meeting was held at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, Maryland during May 12-15, 1998. The proceedings include the agenda, list of panel members, panel resolutions, the 45 technical papers written for this joint meeting, and the Panel's 11-Task Reports. Thirty-nine oral presentations centered on six themes: 1. Special Session in Celebration of the Panel's 30th Anniversary, 2. Storm Surge and Tsunamis 3. Earthquake Engineering, 4. Joint Cooperative Research Program, 5. Real Time Information Acquisition and Dissemination, and 6. Wind Engineering. The Panel provides the vehicle to exchange technical data and information on design and construction of civil engineering, lifelines, buildings, waterfront, and coastal structures. Panel findings continue to influence ongoing structural engineering research and contribute to the revision and creation of U.S. and Japanese building codes and standards.

Selected Papers

Natural Disasters and Protective Measures in Japan.
Inoue, Y. Completing Our Panel's Work.
Wright, R. N. Tsunami and Storm Surge Characteristics Based on Long-Term Tide Observations.
Nagai, T.; Sugahara, K.; Watanabe, H.; Kawaguchi, K.; Mihara, M.; Takashima, K. International Responses to Pacific Tsunami Warnings and Watches.
Blackford, M. E. Real-Time Hybrid Vibration Experiments With a 2-Degrees-of-Freedom Model.
Tamura, K.; Kobayashi, H. Vision for the Future of Strong-Motion Recording.
Borcherdt, R. D. Project on 3-D Full Scale Earthquake Testing Facility. First Report.
Ohtani, K.; Katayama, T.; Shibata, H. Strong Motion From Surface Waves in Deep Sedimentary Basins. First Report.
Joyner, W. B. Performance Based Design for Port Structures.
Iai, S.; Ichii, K. Analysis of Sea-Floor Earthquake Data.
Smith, C. E.; Boore, D. M. Effect of Reservoir-Subbottom Energy Absorption on Hydrodynamic Forces on Dams.
Hall, R. L.; deBejar, L.; Sjostrom, K. J.; Matheu, E. E. Study on Stress in Concrete Gravity Dam Using Seismic Data During Kobe Earthquake.
Sasaki, T.; Uesaka, T.; Nagayama, I. Seismic Analysis of Hoover Dam.
Nuss, L. K. Development and Operation of Large Centrifuge at PWRI.
Matsuo, O.; Tsutsumi, T.; Okamura, M.; Sasaki, T.; Nishi, K. Influence of Confining Stress on Liquefaction Resistance.
Hynes, M. E.; Olsen, R. S.; Yule, D. E. Evaluation of the Seismic Capacity of an Existing Thick Wall Reinforced Concrete Structure Using Probabilistic Criteria.
Loceff, F.; Mertz, G.; Rawls, G. Design Guidelines for the Seismic Modification of Welded Steel Moment Frame Buildings.
Gross, J. L. Draft Manual for Seismic Isolation Design of Underground Structures.
Unjoh, S.; Hoshikuma, J.; Nagaya, K.; Murai, K. Comparison Between the Affected Populations of Indirect Health Effects After the 1995 Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake.
Ogawa, K.; Tsuji, I.; Hisamichi, S.; Shiono, K. New Framework for Performance Based Design of Building
Hiraishi, H.; Teshigawara, M.; Fukuyama, H.; Saito, T.; Gojo, W.; Fujitani, H.; Ohashi, Y.; Okawa, I.; Okada, H. Highway Bridge Seismic Design: How Current Research May Affect Future Design Practice.
Friedland, I. M.; Yen, W. P.; Mayes, R. L.; O'Fallon, J. Development of Performance-Based Building Code in Japan: Framework of Seismic and Structural Provisions.
Hiraishi, H.; Midorikawa, M.; Teshigawara, M.; Gojo, W. American Red Cross: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Health Impact Surveillance System for Natural Disasters.
Paz-Argandona, E.; Malilay, J. Development of the Disaster Information System (DIS/Earthquakes).
Okayama, K.; Kiriyama, T.; Yabuuchi, S. Recent FEMA Activities in Earthquake Risk Analysis and Mitigation.
Nishenko, S.; Drury, C.; Milheizler, J. Seismic Information System for Civil Infrastructures.
Hideki, S.; Nozaki, T. New Developments in Seismic Risk Analysis for Highway Systems.
Werner, S. D.; Taylor, C. E.; Moore, J. E.; Mander, J. B.; Jernigan, J. B.; Hwang, H. W. M. Devastating Network in Miura Peninsula Japan.
Watabe, M.; Hirokawa, S. Geospatial Analysis Support to Natural Disasters.
Roper, W. E. Analysis of Wind and Wind Effects Revisited: A Case Study of Deer Isle-Sedgwick Bridge.
Marsh, D. W.; Bienkiewicz, B.; Bosch, H. R. Next Generation Trans-Strait Road Projects and the State of Technology Development.
Okahara, M.; Nishitani, M. New Hurricane Wind Structures and Wind Speed Measurements.
Black, P. G.; Marks, F. D., Jr. Consideration on Flutter Characteristics of Super Long-Span Bridges.
Sato, H.; Ogihara, K.; Ogi, K. Structural Control for Wind and Earthquake Loads: NSF'S Corrdinated Research Program.
Singh, M. P.; Soong, T. T. Wind and Seismic Research for Improved Engienering Consensus Standards and Housing Construction.
Crandell, J. H.; Freeborne, W. U.S.-Japan Cooperative Earthquake Engineering Research
Nishiyama, I.; Hiroyuki, I.; Hiraishi, H. U.S.-Japan Cooperative Earthquake Engineering Research
Goel, S. C. Development of New High Bridge Piers Containing Spiral Reinforcement.
Michio, O.; Jiro, F.; Takuya, A.; Moriyuki, O.; Yasuyuki, K. Shaking Table Test on Base Isolated House Model.
Yamanouchi, H.; Midorikawa, M.; Iiba, M. Dense Strong Motion Instrument Array in Sendai.
Okawa, I.; Kashima, T.; Koyama, S. Deposition of Oil Spilled From a Russian Tanker on Coasts.
Kato, F.; Sato, S. GIS With Mobile Communication for Countermeasure Against Natural Disaster.
Takayama, N. Aerodynamic Databases and Electronic Standards for Wind
Whalen, T. M.; Simiu, E.; Harris, G.; Lin, J.; Surry, D. GPS Monitoring of Structures: Recent Advances.
Celebi, M.; Prescott, W.; Stein, R.; Hudnut, K.; Behr, J.; Wilson, S.