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Visualization of Structural Steel Product Models.

pdf icon Visualization of Structural Steel Product Models. (930 K)
Lipman, R. R.; Reed, K. A.

Electronic Journal of Information Technology in Construction, Vol. 8, 51-64, 2003.


steel structures; construction; visualization; standards; computer programs; architecture; mapping


A visual interface has been developed to provide a means for users to visualize the steel structure represented by a CIMsteel Integration Standards Release 2 (CIS/2) file. A CIS/2 file provides for the electronic exchange of data directly between various steel CAD software applications. Using a web-accessible translator, objects in a user's CIS/2 file are mapped to application-specific VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) nodes in an VRML file that can be interactively navigated in 3D using freely available VRML browsers. Salient features of the web-base user interface and application-specific VRML nodes related to CIS/2 are described with several examples. The interface has proved useful to both software application developers and end-users.