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Approach to the Design of Natural and Hybrid Ventilation Systems for Cooling Buildings.

pdf icon Approach to the Design of Natural and Hybrid Ventilation Systems for Cooling Buildings. (366 K)
Axley, J. W.; Emmerich, S. J.; Dols, W. S.; Walton, G. N.

Indoor Air 2002, 9th International Conference on Indoor Air Quality and Climate. Proceedings. Volume 2. June 30-July 5, 2002, Monterey, CA, 836-841 pp, 2002.

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ventilation; natural ventilation; hybrid ventilation; design method; CONTAM; climate; climate suitability


This paper presents an approach to the design of natural and hybrid ventilation systems that accounts for specific climatic and operational conditions and is organized to serve the building designer at each distinct phase of design - predesign analysis, preliminary design, design development, and design performance evaluation. The approach makes use of: a) a climate suitability analysis method, presented in a companion paper, that establishes design ventilation rates needed for preliminary design calculations; b) the loop equation design method to estimate preliminary sizes of system components and control and operational strategies; and c) detailed multizone coupled thermal-airflow analysis, using CONTAM97R, for design development and, ultimately, system performance evaluation. A representative application, limitations of the approach, and research needed to support the approach will be briefly outlined.