Publications Available on CD

The Building and Fire Research Laboratory, Fire Research Division has several publications available on CD. 

Fire Research Publications


Building Research Publications

Flashover I  [Movie File (mpeg) 414Mb]
Pine Tree in Living room, Sofa in Living Room, Open Floor Plan Office Module

Flashover II  [Movie File (mpeg) 318Mb]
Sprinklered and Unsprinklered Dormitory Room Fires

Cherry Road
Simulation of the Dynamics of the Fire at 3146 Cherry Road, N.E., Washing DC, May 30, 1999
NIST IR 6510

Simulation of the Dynamics of a Fire in a Two Story Duplex -- Iowa, December 22, 1999
NIST IR 6854

Simulation of the Dynamics of a Fire in a One-Story Restaurant -- Texas, February 14, 2000
NIST IR 6923

Structural Collapse DVD Videos and Reports
Residential and Warehouse Structural Collapse

In-Situ Oil Spill
In Situ Burning of Oil Spills:  Resource Collection
NIST SP 995 (2 CD Set)

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